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About MPC Associates

MPC Associates Ltd. has been providing Information Management Consulting to Industry and Government for over 20 years. The combined experience of our consultants brings a wealth of industry success to our clients.

We believe that effective use of Information Technology is crucial in today's increasingly competitive marketplace. Whether large or small, any organization can take advantage of increased efficiency and competitive information gathering in their own business.


Our Approach

We specialize in providing highly effective consulting services for: information technology infrastructure implementations and upgrades; and information systems development and implementation (customized or package.) MPC has core competencies in Microsoft, Unix systems, and various Legacy environments. We pride ourselves in providing leading edge solutions coupled with total customer satisfaction.

One of our approaches is a facilitative consulting style whereby we empower a team of client stakeholders to plan and implement solutions to their business problems. You know your business - we know the capabilities of information technology within your industry. Together we will build a highly effective team.


MPC Associates is...

  • a consulting practice focused on assisting and facilitating our clients' use of Information Technology (IT) to gain a competitive edge within their marketplace,
  • led by senior professionals with line management experience in Information Technology development and implementation,
  • built around proven IT business practices, methodologies and processes,
  • committed to a fast-cycle, consensus approach to project management, systems development and implementation.
"Regardless of how brilliant or sophisticated the strategy, it has no value if it is not adopted and implemented."

MPC Associates employs a customizable approach to solving your business information problems using proven consulting practices. Services range from our unique facilitative consulting, to sub-contracting of distinct project components, to complete turnkey, fixed priced contracts.

Facilitative consulting is MPC Associates innovative approach to IT project management, development and implementation. Instead of fielding a project team of our own consultants to undertake various project phases, we assign one or more lead consultants to facilitate a team of client stakeholders through our structured processes.

The resulting plan and implementation comes from the team itself, guided by the experience of the consultants and the process models inherent to our practice. Buy-in happens one step at a time. Indeed, this is a requirement for moving on to the next step - and is never reserved for a "sales job" at the end.

A by-product of this approach is that the total implementation costs for an MPC Associates consulting engagement can often be significantly less than those proposed by other IT consulting firms. But the most important result is that the team completes the process while committed to a project they understand and trust.



MPC Associates Ltd.